Happy New Year

So, Happy New Year

I suppose we must play nice and make our standard resolutions and plans for new starts and a better year ahead. I’m totally a fan and firm believer in new starts and second chances. And a new year is a perfect point at which to re-evaluate and take account of goals and accomplishments.


It’s just that I want us to think a little differently about it all so that we actually do good with this potential momentum, rather than miss out and sink right back into old ruts and habits.


It takes starting over and starting over and starting over again as frequently as it takes in order to get to a goal, whether it’s losing weight or quitting smoking or learning a language. There isn’t ONE start. So a New Year is a great jumping off point or a great motivator to SET some measurements, but let’s not assume it it a great start or motivator. It’s merely a time to reset the calendar and make plans.


Invite the Holy Spirit into these plans. God has a plan for your year too, y’know. It may be another year of waiting, but there are still things to be done, problems to be tackled, lessons to learn, people to reach. Take some time right now to talk to God and ask Him to set your course, right it if it’s wrong, guide it through storms, and give you rest in knowing He leads. Then plan what you can.


Imagine what may be ahead of you. Remember it’s an adventure. There’ll be hard days, but there’ll be good days too.


You have built in tools to help you face whatever comes … your brain and your heart. Let God use them both to set your sail for amazing waters and let’s see where it takes us.


Happy New Year.

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