These are a few of our favorite things! Seriously, We love finding and using apps, programs, and systems that help us be more productive, creative, and organized. Here are some that have been life-savers for us. (Disclosure: This page includes affiliate links.)



Canva is really fun and a great quick photo editing app you can use in a browser or as an app. Great stock images, great filters, great fonts and pre-made designs you can customize. Need an image quote, Canva is a perfect way to create one. . Sign up for Canva here.



Evernote is a staple for Brains and Heart. We’ve been using this platform for over 5 years now, and have no intention of leaving it behind. It literally stores all our brainstorms, receipt, reminders, notes, and so much more. You can annotate PDFs and share for excellent collaboration. If you don’t get anything else from here, get Evernote.  Evernote has a free version – sign up here.



Dropbox has become one of our go-to apps for managing files all across our brand. We share files between locations and machines. We keep track of all our creative assets here as well. For storage that works, use dropbox . Dropbox has a free account – signup here.



Roboform is a lifesaver for anyone on the internet. You want your passwords to be secure, but who can remember all those encrypted passwords? And who has time to look them up to login to all those different accounts? Roboform stores your passwords for you in an encrypted vault and enters them when you want to login with the click of a button. Signup for Roboform here.



If you’re like us, you’ve tried a ton of systems to run your business. We spent years looking for just the right program to do everything in one place. We didn’t want to have to track hours in one program, then invoice from a different one, and run a project through yet another program. We hated feeling like our business was all over the place. 17hats has been a game-changer for running every aspect of our business. It will unify all your business financial and project tasks. Check out 17hats here.


(Disclosure: This page includes affiliate links.)

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