Making Difficult Decisions

How to Make Difficult Decisions

Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older, but decisions are becoming easier to make. when you ask the question “does it line up with my vision?” then the answer often becomes a no-brainer.

The answer is “yes“? great, do it! Give it everything you have. Be mindful of timing, but begin the planning process and make some small steps at least. God sometimes gives this seemingly arbitrary date that is important for His plan. So treat it with due respect and with excellence. Remember failings often teach us more than success, so don’t let fear be a deterrent. But keep going as if you cannot fail. Even when it’s hard. Even when it looks like it’s over. Even when everything is against you. Even if they think you’re crazy. Even if everyone else drops off. This is YOUR “yes” and frankly, it may suck, but it’s an honor, nonetheless.

The answer is “no“? then walk away with no guilt! Other people may put pressure on you, but you’re not everyone’s answer! Thinking you are is a fast way to get burnt out and cause problems, even disaster. You’re answerable to God for the resources He gave you. In the parable of the talents, the wise and faithful stewards did not try to manage OTHER people’s talents, just theirs. In doing likewise, we bring the most value to the Kingdom of God. It’s wisdom. Don’t seek to be a martyr, just be willing if it’s called for. This is a great opportunity to check your motives. If you’re out for yourself, you’ll stick your nose in everywhere you think you’ll get credit or accomplishment. Faithful servants obey their Master, even if it’s looking like the bad guy and saying “no”.

The answer is “not sure”? then it probably is a case of what you want. Take it or leave it and keep moving toward your vision. There ARE times you are to wait and keep on doing what you’ve already been told to do no matter how restless you get. Concentrate on hearing God and being diligent and faithful.

And don’t make apologies for sticking with your responsibility to that vision.

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