Do It Afraid

How to Do It Afraid

The fear of failure and the fear of success are very real, and the only way to overcome is to do it afraid.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”  – Mark Twain


I mean get started! Started is better than perfect!


I’m sorry to yell, but this is a big deal. You are going round and round in circles thinking and thinking and planning and preparing and you are getting nowhere.




I know there is a lot of fear surrounding the first move. In fact it’s that fear that is overcome when you go ahead and take the first step. Once you get past that first step, The next one isn’t quite as daunting. And you find yourself suddenly in the middle of momentum.


Momentum is very very valuable piece of the Success puzzle. It provides motivation, expertise, practice, and confidence. I could keep listing things that momentum provides in the process for making your goals a reality.


So while I want you to keep learning, keep reading, keep eating up all of those manuals and tutorials and courses and downloads and PDFs, I also want you to take an ACTION and put something into practice. Even if it’s ugly at first you have something to begin to gauge reactions and responses. You can begin to A/B test meaning you can start finding out what works and what doesn’t. This is invaluable experience and invaluable information.


There’s an old saying that says you can only steer a moving ship. That old saying applies in this case!


[GOD STUFF] Now I am a big believer in following the voice of God in our life so I don’t advocate just going off and stepping off at any old cliff at any whim. What I’m talking about is BEGINNING a plan that has been formed already within you.


In this article, I’m assuming you have already gotten your vision confirmed by God and the people in your life. That there is  a fire burning in your belly since you childhood. If that’s not the case then. yeah. you start there. But if you have had a lightbulb moment that turns you on and that you know is from God but are stuck in this planning phase or are talking about it with everybody and fine-tuning and honing it, looking for some perfect timing — then I want to encourage you to take a step.


The thing about a plan from God is He can correct it when you were moving. He can come in and say “Nope, not now.” or ” no, not that way.” However, if you are sitting on it, protecting it like a mother hen and afraid to get it dirty, then you’re not using that vision for what it was purposed for to begin with.


So I do not want to encourage you to step outside the plan and timing purposes of God, but I do want to encourage you that if you are letting fear of it NOT being perfect hold you back from getting started,  test the waters! Test it out, you know. Dip your toe in. Take a small step. [END GOD STUFF]


If you have been wanting to open up that shop online, go for it.

If you’re afraid it doesn’t look quite perfect, go for it. Are you afraid that you’re not getting the wording right? Still, go for it. Those little things should not be holding you back.


And the cool thing about working online, especially if your vision has to do with doing something online, is there are professionals and people who have spent years experimenting and playing around, figuring this stuff out for you. They have the numbers and the talent and the information to go ahead and help you. As you grow you can hire these people more and more.


You can consult with these people. Facebook and social media allows you to connect with experts in their fields but you will just keep collecting information if you do not step out and get started.


I tell you what– if there is someway that I can help you overcome that fear, that initial launch fear, I want you to reach out to me. Just send me an email (form below) and let me know where you’re at.


I can give you some starter tips just to get you over that initial fear. Whatever will help. I want to do that for you.


Just contact me with the form below and we will eliminate that barrier to entry as much as possible.


Go get started.


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