Fresh Words, Old Story

God does do “new things” like give creative ideas for helping people, reaching them with the gospel and stretching our faith and thinking.

He knows the warfare strategy of shock and awe, and gives fresh words to encourage us. He challenges each generation, and doesn’t ignore current culture. However, with that said, He also doesn’t change. Methods may be new, but they are grounded in His character and He doesn’t throw away what He’s already said!!!!

What He says is LIVING and keeps working and keeps applying over and over throughout time. Jesus proves this as He fulfills centuries old prophecies! The age old standards of fasting, prayer, submission to God, obedience, and seeking God with your whole heart still stand!

There is no magic formula to get around that to get what you want. Even if what you want seems good and Christian, it’s still turning away from God to your own agenda. This walk with Him is hard. Your flesh will hate it. You won’t necessarily get everything you want or your way. Your family, friends, and associates will probably hate it too since you’re no longer living for them, but for Christ. God will sometimes ask you to do things that will piss them off.

Certainly those who are attached to darkness will hate the light you shine. What God offers is eternal, and we renew our minds to think eternally, as opposed to what I’m gonna get here on earth in the now, in the physical.

You “in” or not?

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