Why Doesn’t God Speak Plainly?

God speaks to us in lots of ways. Some of the more subtle ways are In pictures, gut feelings, “coincidences”, deja vus, dreams, words of knowledge from other people, and of course, the Bible.

Why does God speak in parables and riddles and pictures and such?

A couple reasons.

1. He speaks in such a way that truth applies for all times and all people and all circumstances. God isn’t limited by our dimensions. That’s why people can read the same scripture and find something new in it. There’s more in there than we first see.

2. Essentially it’s like talking to a toddler. We don’t have His experience, so He has to put it in a way we can digest.

3. He’s a relationship God, and likes for us to get to know Him. Knowing Him is a key to communicating and understanding. No shortcuts. Also, His enemies misinterpret because they don’t know Him, so it messes them up.

4. We tend to make rules out of things said point blank. Rules don’t have mercy, personality, power or life. They are just nouns. It is easier, for sure, to follow a rule than to get to know the Speaker. It takes faith. Faith pleases God. Because faith says I believe You are good and you will do what you say!

5. We wouldn’t believe Him if He did speak directly to us without riddles. If we don’t believe this way, we won’t believe that way. There are some people God trusts to speak to plainly. (hint: Moses was one).

We want the God of the Universe to prove Himself and earn our trust????? But we don’t think we have to earn His??? I don’t even accept that from my own kids. What???

Anyway, that’s your mini-lesson on hearing God today.

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