We LOVE design. Just can’t get enough of it. Web design, graphic design, clothing design, print design, all kinds of design! We are constantly planning, creating, writing, testing and designing.

We have projects we’ve spent years on, projects we’ve scrapped and new ones that languish on the drawing board and whiteboards.

Our guess is that you might be the same. If you don’t have them written down yet then they are up there swimming in your head. God-given ideas and visions you might not yet be sure what to do with.

Or maybe you have gotten a good start and just need some help refining. Wherever you are in your process, we’re here to stand behind you and to help any way we can.

Now, you can hire us, but we’ve been doing this a LONG time, and we’re really good and fast and clever, so that means we’re kind of expensive. I mean, we’re worth it, but to tell you the truth we’d rather teach YOU how to do it – with webinars, ebooks, podcasts, blogs and the like.

It saves you thousands of dollars and frees US up to reach MORE people and help MORE people give birth to their visions and goals.

Plus we really, really want to help young people just starting out in the workplace find a creative way to make money so that THEY can work on their education, travel, learn excellence and discipline, seek God, support missions and be AMAZING!

Besides we have people to rescue! We are passionate about setting people free and defending the weak. We need money and time to do it, so this is a win-win-win situation we got here.

So, yeah,

Together we’ll explore creativity, integrity, and excellence!

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