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5 Great Resources for Designers

resources for designers

If you are a creative, I’m about to blow your mind with 5 awesome resources. When I discovered these sites and stores, I couldn’t stop buying fonts! I’ve become a little bit of a font whore, I’m not gonna lie. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love browsing the bundles available from each place and…

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5 Awesome (Free) Blog Templates

blog templates

Every WordPress site uses a theme or template. These are pre-coded and designed so that theoretically all you have to do is download or install the theme into your WordPress site, activate it and suddenly you have your new site! WordPress comes pre-loaded with some standard templates, and these are pretty good starting points for…

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Hanx Writer App … For the Experience

hanx writer

with a flair for the drsmatic i decide to write on Tom Hanks’ Hanx Writer App. It’s amazing really. I love the feedbsck of the keys. Takes me bsck ti typing class on our msnusl typewriters. I’m deliberwtely lesving my mistakes so everyone will know hiw horrible my typing rewlly is. Of course, the keyboard…

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Rocking the Generate Conference in New York

Generate Conference new york

After 20+ years working in Web design, I got to attend my first “web design” conference. I’ve been to several conferences on varying topics over the years, but never one solely focused on the specifics of what I do as a designer. When I saw one was being held in New York City, I jumped…

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