The Only Person I’m Competing With Is Me

I was a gifted and intelligent child who excelled in academics and creative endeavors. Somewhere along the way, I learned not to compete but to get by. My parents modeled for me their own dysfunctional coping mechanisms, and so I also learned that charm and/or sympathy could garner an acceptable level of mediocre success. I…

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5 Ways to Keep From Adding to the Noise

If you’ve spent any time surfing the web or researching your niche or blog article, then you know firsthand that there is a lot of noise out there. I don’t know about you but it leads me to brain fog. I start getting really weary of what I do for a living. Add to that…

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How to Do It Afraid

Do It Afraid

The fear of failure and the fear of success are very real, and the only way to overcome is to do it afraid. “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”  – Mark Twain   I mean get started! Started is better than perfect!   I’m sorry to yell, but this is a big deal.…

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The Best Tip Ever: Set 3 Goals Every Morning

Ok, we all know we want to accomplish things in our lives. We’ve all sat down at the end of a long day and felt the heaviness wash over us as we wonder what we really got done today. We’ve looked in the mirror and saw a body neglected or gotten that bad report from…

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Rocking the Generate Conference in New York

Generate Conference new york

After 20+ years working in Web design, I got to attend my first “web design” conference. I’ve been to several conferences on varying topics over the years, but never one solely focused on the specifics of what I do as a designer. When I saw one was being held in New York City, I jumped…

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3 Reasons Your Blog Readers Just Can’t Even

3 Reasons Your Blog Readers Just Can't Even

I read a lot of blogs. A lot of blogs about blogging. Here I am with my big a** iPad Pro reading a blog about, you guessed it, blogging. I love blogging because it is an amazing opportunity for people to express themselves and earn money with something they are passionate about. I love the…

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Setting Goals … Get It Together Already

Goal Setting ... Get it together already

When tackling the daunting task of setting the year’s goals, you can feel overwhelmed. Use strategic coping strategies to organize your thoughts so that your ideas can take you somewhere other than to the fridge for another piece of leftover holiday pie. Brain Dumps for Goals I LOVE brain dumps. If you don’t know what…

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