The Only Person I’m Competing With Is Me

I was a gifted and intelligent child who excelled in academics and creative endeavors. Somewhere along the way, I learned not to compete but to get by. My parents modeled for me their own dysfunctional coping mechanisms, and so I also learned that charm and/or sympathy could garner an acceptable level of mediocre success. I…

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Growing Out My Hair

“So, I’m growing out my hair, and it’s frustrating”. This isn’t news to anyone who has chopped off their locks and suffered through the agonizing stages of re-growth. Search YouTube for “growing out your pixie cut”. There’s some interesting stuff out there. Definitely a sort of “hair club” for women just in a different way.…

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So, Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I suppose we must play nice and make our standard resolutions and plans for new starts and a better year ahead. I’m totally a fan and firm believer in new starts and second chances. And a new year is a perfect point at which to re-evaluate and take account of goals and accomplishments.   It’s…

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