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Hanx Writer App … For the Experience

hanx writer

with a flair for the drsmatic i decide to write on Tom Hanks’ Hanx Writer App. It’s amazing really. I love the feedbsck of the keys. Takes me bsck ti typing class on our msnusl typewriters. I’m deliberwtely lesving my mistakes so everyone will know hiw horrible my typing rewlly is. Of course, the keyboard…

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Rocking the Generate Conference in New York

Generate Conference new york

After 20+ years working in Web design, I got to attend my first “web design” conference. I’ve been to several conferences on varying topics over the years, but never one solely focused on the specifics of what I do as a designer. When I saw one was being held in New York City, I jumped…

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3 Reasons Your Blog Readers Just Can’t Even

3 Reasons Your Blog Readers Just Can't Even

I read a lot of blogs. A lot of blogs about blogging. Here I am with my big a** iPad Pro reading a blog about, you guessed it, blogging. I love blogging because it is an amazing opportunity for people to express themselves and earn money with something they are passionate about. I love the…

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Setting Goals … Get It Together Already

Goal Setting ... Get it together already

When tackling the daunting task of setting the year’s goals, you can feel overwhelmed. Use strategic coping strategies to organize your thoughts so that your ideas can take you somewhere other than to the fridge for another piece of leftover holiday pie. Brain Dumps for Goals I LOVE brain dumps. If you don’t know what…

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5 Realities About Temptations


Here’s some helpful things about temptations: 1. Satan always misrepresents God and makes you question what God really said. He calls God’s character and motives into question. 2. They are loud and persistent. God’s voice is quiet. 3. They are not always BAD things. In fact, they are often things that God really does have…

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How to Make Difficult Decisions

Making Difficult Decisions

Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older, but decisions are becoming easier to make. when you ask the question “does it line up with my vision?” then the answer often becomes a no-brainer. The answer is “yes“? great, do it! Give it everything you have. Be mindful of timing, but begin the planning process and…

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Growing Out My Hair

“So, I’m growing out my hair, and it’s frustrating”. This isn’t news to anyone who has chopped off their locks and suffered through the agonizing stages of re-growth. Search YouTube for “growing out your pixie cut”. There’s some interesting stuff out there. Definitely a sort of “hair club” for women just in a different way.…

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So, Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I suppose we must play nice and make our standard resolutions and plans for new starts and a better year ahead. I’m totally a fan and firm believer in new starts and second chances. And a new year is a perfect point at which to re-evaluate and take account of goals and accomplishments.   It’s…

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