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A Powerful Mind

So, I’m at the gym, really just to get my time in so I get charged less. My company does a promotional thing where if I go four times in a month, they’ll pay a huge chunk of the monthly bill. If I don’t, well, that works too because then I can’t eat for the…

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Fresh Words, Old Story

God does do “new things” like give creative ideas for helping people, reaching them with the gospel and stretching our faith and thinking. He knows the warfare strategy of shock and awe, and gives fresh words to encourage us. He challenges each generation, and doesn’t ignore current culture. However, with that said, He also doesn’t…

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The Only Person I’m Competing With Is Me

I was a gifted and intelligent child who excelled in academics and creative endeavors. Somewhere along the way, I learned not to compete but to get by. My parents modeled for me their own dysfunctional coping mechanisms, and so I also learned that charm and/or sympathy could garner an acceptable level of mediocre success. I…

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How to Use Your Excuses to Set Your Priorities

On September 3rd of this year, I began a 45 day transformation challenge. Am I taking this seriously? hmm. Ok, I sign up for these things and tell myself, this is it. You’re going to go for broke! You can do this. And I know I can. But often times, I just don’t. I have…

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5 Ways to Keep From Adding to the Noise

If you’ve spent any time surfing the web or researching your niche or blog article, then you know firsthand that there is a lot of noise out there. I don’t know about you but it leads me to brain fog. I start getting really weary of what I do for a living. Add to that…

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How to Do It Afraid

Do It Afraid

The fear of failure and the fear of success are very real, and the only way to overcome is to do it afraid. “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”  – Mark Twain   I mean get started! Started is better than perfect!   I’m sorry to yell, but this is a big deal.…

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Why Doesn’t God Speak Plainly?

God speaks to us in lots of ways. Some of the more subtle ways are In pictures, gut feelings, “coincidences”, deja vus, dreams, words of knowledge from other people, and of course, the Bible. Why does God speak in parables and riddles and pictures and such? A couple reasons. 1. He speaks in such a…

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The Best Tip Ever: Set 3 Goals Every Morning

Ok, we all know we want to accomplish things in our lives. We’ve all sat down at the end of a long day and felt the heaviness wash over us as we wonder what we really got done today. We’ve looked in the mirror and saw a body neglected or gotten that bad report from…

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5 Great Resources for Designers

resources for designers

If you are a creative, I’m about to blow your mind with 5 awesome resources. When I discovered these sites and stores, I couldn’t stop buying fonts! I’ve become a little bit of a font whore, I’m not gonna lie. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love browsing the bundles available from each place and…

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5 Awesome (Free) Blog Templates

blog templates

Every WordPress site uses a theme or template. These are pre-coded and designed so that theoretically all you have to do is download or install the theme into your WordPress site, activate it and suddenly you have your new site! WordPress comes pre-loaded with some standard templates, and these are pretty good starting points for…

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