About Brains and Heart

About Brains & Heart

Yo, I’m Jen.

I raised 5 kids, went through a difficult divorce, lost everything I loved and identified with, yet through it all God provided for me and those I love. He performed miracles and never left me at any step of the way.

Through incredible loss, homelessness, being completely alone,  I’m here to testify of His goodness, His faithfulness and unconditional love.

I believe in second chances and hope where there is no hope. 

I believe we answer to One, and that life isn’t a practice run – that we need to be about our Father’s business, making the most of our time. There is a world out there and family and friends nearby who need what He’s done in you.

Your unique journey has the seeds of hope for those you come across.

It may feel like you can’t do this, but you’re not alone.

How Brains & Heart Co
Came About

The Brains and Heart blog came about because of the inspiration of a friend who showed me how to put my heart into what I do. When we use our brains along with our heart we engage excellence. This formula works in every area of our lives. I hope you see that in the pages of this blog.

So Brains and Heart is all-nighters and Sonic runs.

It’s laughing over punch drunk jokes and arguing over pixels and fonts

It’s getting it just right. Putting everything you have into doing a job well … because it matters. Your mission matters. If you have a vision, it was entrusted to you to accomplish. We can help.

Jen is mom to five amazing adults – funny, passionate, loud, loving, sarcastic, and often inappropriate.

She spends her time finding adventures in her Jeep, Shiloh, collecting fonts, writing and recording songs, trying to keep up with her boxer dogs and trying to get fit.

Her mission is to rescue, protect and empower women and young people.

You know, change the world kind of stuff.

Brains & Heart Mission:

Brains and Heart Co. is about pursuit, and it’s reflected in our mission.

“To aid people in pursuit. Pursuit of calling. Pursuit of dreams and visions. Pursuit of God’s best. “

Godliness, excellence, happiness, peace, success, Kingdom, all worthy pursuits.

I help by providing encouragement, tools and resources, as well as creative and consulting services to help you reach for the impossible.

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