Yo, I'm Jen.

I raised 5 kids, went through a horrible divorce, lost everything I loved and identified with, yet through it all I maintained a freelance business that provided for me and those I love.

I know it feels like you can't do this, but I'm here to help. I can show you how to setup and keep a thriving online business going even through hard times.

So you know I really do know my stuff, you can visit my business site at JenAndersonDesign.co.

I've worked with some top names in personal development, entertainment and finance to create prototypes, profit centers and online systems to grow their business.

But the thing is, I'm CRAZY about helping normal people who DON'T have deep pockets... yet... get financial freedom and time freedom to pursue God-dreams.

Through 25+ years of doing this digital marketing stuff, I know what's fluff and what really does work - so you don't have to waste your time sifting through all the BS out there.

Focus on what moves the boat! I can help.



Brains and Heart Co. is about pursuit, and it's reflected in our mission.

"To aid people in pursuit. Pursuit of calling. Pursuit of dreams and visions. Pursuit of God's best. "

Godliness, excellence, happiness, peace, success, Kingdom, all worthy pursuits.

I help by providing encouragement, tools and resources, as well as creative and consulting services to help you reach for the impossible.

How Brains & Heart Co Came About

The Brains and Heart blog came about because of the inspiration of a friend who showed me how to put my heart into what I do. When we use our brains along with our heart we engage excellence. This formula works in every area of our lives. I hope you see that in the pages of this blog.

So Brains and Heart is all-nighters and Sonic runs.

It's laughing over punch drunk jokes and arguing over pixels and fonts

It's getting it just right. Putting everything you have into doing a job well ... because it matters. Your mission matters. If you have a vision, it was entrusted to you to accomplish. We can help.

Jen is mom to five kids just like her – funny, passionate, loud, loving, sarcastic, and often inappropriate.

She spends her time keeping her baby SUV clean, collecting fonts, writing and recording songs and obsessing over boxer dogs and getting fit.

Her mission is to rescue, protect and empower women and young people.

You know, change the world kind of stuff.


What You Can Expect From Brains and Heart

We'll cover as much of life as we can because we don't live in a bubble at work or at home or in church or on the playing field. The skills and ideas that drive us are underlying every facet of our lives, everyday, all the time.

Why Do We Care?

We're about pleasing God.

Existentially, nothing REALLY matters. If you try to take God out of the equation of life, then the only real "fact" we can conclude are that we live and die. What we do in between would be just something we make up. Without the purpose of pleasing God, everything is just a story. Some people pursue success, but success is a hollow victory if you look outside far enough.

I love Marilyn Monroe. I love her story. I glean from what she did on this earth. I feel like her life was cut short. But outside of a story, what purpose was there? She's famous. Great. If that is the measure of success or excellence, it's lacking still. What about someone else who is well-known for making a real difference in the lives of so many.

How about Mother Theresa? She helped thousands. She made them feel loved and helped them ... well, as they died. Great. Awesome job. Very motivational, and I wouldn't belittle her work a smidge. But I ask you, again, is that the measure of a life well-lived? What did it accomplish on a grand scale? Did her life change the world? Yes, it did for some lives, but there are lines of generations of poor and dying left still and more to come.

So what about people who really do change the course of human history, by creating vaccines and such? Is this then the truest measure of a meaningful existence? So why would anyone else even bother? Why does the life of a homeless person, a sickly person, a "useless" person matter at all?

If the measure of a good life is in anything other than pleasing God, it is not an attainable measure for a majority of the population of the earth.

Just to be "successful" in riches, in activity, in relationships, in accomplishments is not the highest goal of life. The only purpose and achievement worth it all is pleasing the Alpha and Omega. Bringing Him glory. This is the honor of living this life. It is the reason we get up in the morning. The reason we keep going. The reason we put our all into this living. The reason we fight for justice, for those who cannot defend themselves. First we know God, then we become like Him, then we bring His character into a broken world.

Any other motivations are flat, ego-centric, shallow, and even evil. It's what makes suicide-bombers and hate-mongers. It's what makes religious jerks and complacent masses.

This site is not about your typical "success" and "achievement". It is a place to discover the quest to pleasing the one true God through everything He loves about us and bringing that love to others. It's a place to be challenged and a place to learn from others. It's a place where Jesus is glorified because He went first on this journey!

We'll dive into creativity, and into integrity and into the character and thoughts of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We'll explore power and purpose. And we'll support the work of those who live for bringing Him glory.

What Does That Mean About Brains and Heart Co?
Well, we want to help. You're going to find some great content, articles, snippets, videos, podcasts and more to help you navigate success and goals and peace. You've also stumbled upon a huge asset for your ministry, organization or business. We specialize in getting your dreams up and running. All the technical stuff you haven't time to manage, we do that. All the graphic design, web site design, front-end development, project management, and print design you are trying to outsource is available all in one place here.

But more than that. Brains and Heart empowers your mission.

We've spent over 20 years in brand management and information technology. There are so many opportunities out there right now, but it can all be a little daunting. We take care of that for you. Set up your systems so that you can do what you do with excellence.

Please take a look at our services page, and then contact us to get started with a quick estimate and consult. You'll be SO glad you found us.