A Powerful Mind

So, I’m at the gym, really just to get my time in so I get charged less. My company does a promotional thing where if I go four times in a month, they’ll pay a huge chunk of the monthly bill. If I don’t, well, that works too because then I can’t eat for the rest of the month. Win-win!

But I’m lolling around in the hot tub, actually very intensely concentrating on my phone because I had to send an important document off. I don’t even notice anyone else until some fob comes splashing in and got my phone wet. So I exit the hot tub to dry off my phone.

Now, I should tell you. I wear a Nike bikini around the pool area. I just sort of decided years ago there was no real hiding the bulges and flabs behind yards of cloth, so I might as well own it. I like my bikini (though it’s worn now and really needs replacing soon before it’s see-through!).

As I walk around “beach body central” with my belly hanging over my bikini, it’s easy to get discouraged.

Today, however, a gentlemen (much older than me) came up to me and told me he wanted to compliment me.

He wanted to tell me that I have a beautiful body but more than that he could tell I have a powerful and confident mind which is very beautiful as well. It wasn’t a come on or creepy and he put it so perfectly, no fake delicacy or flattery or trying to find the right words to say something like, you’re fat but good on you. None of that.

It was genuine and sweet and I loved it.

Like, I didn’t walk away feeling beautiful. It wasn’t an ego boost. It was more like validation. He was seeing God in me, and I’m so grateful. Because more than walking around with my cellulite and stretch marks and extra pounds, sometimes I walk around with my sadness and selfishness and anger hanging out. It’s easy to get discouraged.

But SOMETIMES someone looks past all of that and sees Jesus, and man, that is something.

I do have a powerful mind, and as far as confidence goes, well, I’ve earned the right not to care what anyone thinks of my body whenever I can manage that.

Thank you, dude at Lifetime Fitness. Bless you too!!!

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